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Vanessa Guy - Artist 



Describe your process

as as Artist? 


My process is do my eyes like this? am I feeling this? what will I enjoy doing today? I enjoy expressing melancholy and horror just as much,  if not more than Joy or cuteness. Though I did do a kids cat book but not sure how that happened.  I just put on some shit hot music and drew. 


When was you diagnosed with Narcolepsy? How did you feel? How has your life changed? 


In my early thirties. I was mortified but I knew it was coming. It’s a complicated story more was going on than narcolepsy the fact after they just give you any drug you want from prescription versions uppers downers killed my body and my faith in the health system I was part of. So I left the city and stopped all the medications and got a cat.


Describe the work you have submitted for the Invisible made Visible show?


Some Japanese style /influenced stuff . They don’t talk about anything much as a culture not that I’m Japanese it’s just I get Japanese fans as my art looks manga etc. And I like parts of their culture. Yami kawaii stuff like that. I think not many cultures at all are good at talking to each other about what’s behind the facade of fake hi how are yous and living with in an insular context of what they can cope with. They will be a Harley Quinn fan art because you know I used to be a therapist and I can’t see the line between sane and insane the more I know I like that character. An attempt at drawing  the infinite darkness and hallucinogenic behind my eyes. Some classic yami kawaii and a new triple goddess head in kawaii style for those that connect with the ufos and the dead.possibly a unfinished or finished quarantine picture but that’s quarantine isn’t it -stuck and incomplete  


How does your creativity help you with Narcolepsy ? 


Maybe it’s helps - maybe it encourages it! I have something to do at 3am when people go to bed for some reason. I can connect with others without words. It’s give me a voice and a certain artistic arrogance that more rather than less people should be aware of various disabilities from those that ‘look well’.


How have you been dealing with lockdown? 


It’s okay. Almost elated the world is getting a taste of having their lives inhibited and invaded beyond their control for once . Weekends sat in and cancelling holidays for no reason yes I like people slowing down to a narcoleptic pace of life. Annoyed at our ablest society where people feel violated because they can’t do what they want to all the time how they like welcome to the world of hidden disability.  Knowing death is close -yes we live with this all the time -taking each day as it cones relying on others. Yes quarantine is life as normal except for gigs and seeing the odd friend. 


What advice would you give someone who has just recently been diagnosed? 


Live your life and get ready to adapt when life starts to crumble before your eyes. Narcolepsy is not the worse thing it’s what people like doctors etc the public know of  it that is. Get an advocate. Contact narcolepsy uk. Get it out there that this is not a mental illness so you don’t get stuck on a mental health trajectory to a psychiatrist It’s NEUROLOGICAL big difference in terms of right treatment.

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