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Inter-Arts Classes

Welcome, This is the first step to joining us as a group. Please come to our Inter-Arts Classes every first Wednesday of the month at 7pm at The Art Studio, Fletchers Mill, Old Lane, Halifax. HX3 5WP

What to expect? 

Every first Wednesday of the month we get together and Creative Practitioner, Fiona Pattison goes through relaxation/meditation and then a few creative exercises. In the second half we bring in work to share and get feed back. 


Make sure you wear comfortable clothes, and have something to share with the group. Events go up on the Inter-Arts Festival Facebook page

To connect and attend Classes online - contact Fiona 

Once you have joined there are opportunities for you to get your work out there and ongoing support through our mentoring programme. Creative Practitioner, Fiona Pattison has been working with Artists and Creatives for over 15 years and can help support, promote and connect you. To book in a Mentoring Session please contact 

If you would like an Inter-Arts Practitioner to come to you for the day, attend your festival or create a class please contact or fill out the enquiry form 

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