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Cayn White - Punk Poet 

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Cayn White, a performance poet now based in South Yorkshire, started performing poetry over thirteen years ago (or Saturday 10th September 2005 at 9pm to give the actual date and time!) supporting Attila the Stockbroker and (fortunatly) is constantly improving from that fatefull night in Hebden Bridge. Influenced by the likes of Attila the Stockbroker, Nick Tocseck, Tv Smith and John Cooper Clarke (among many others) his poems touch on a range of subjects from the pollitically motivated to the humourous to the downright surreal. Cayn has performed countless gigs in the past three years including, Punk gigs, Poetry nights, World Music Festivals, Awards Ceremonies, Anti Racist Gigs, and many fund raisers for various causes proving he knows where to put his heart. As well as these gigs and numerous radio appearances he has also supported John Cooper Clarke, Attila the Stockbroker, Nick Tocseck, Little Brother, Ed Tudorpole, Jules, Tv Smith, Sham 69, Goldblade, Dave Sharp, The Anti Nowhere League, Gbh and various other poets and bands. Cayn, who is now working harder than ever before with many projects on the go now has the strongest material to date and is looking to showcase his poems and stories anywhere in the Uk,

Bad Jokes


I like to make you laugh, tickle the funny bone

Force out a bit of a giggle, or better yet, a groan

I enjoy the sound of laughter, especially out loud

It helps to distract from the enclosing dark cloud

Laughter is the best medicine, that much is true

And telling all these jokes is my way of looking after you






What mask should I wear today

Happy to beat sad, colours to beat grey

A mask to trick, a mask to decieve

A web of lies is easy to weave

A new face of confidence, free of fear

Laid on thick, so no cracks appear

Cracks like desperation, depression and pain

Covered with false confidence, it's a task to maintain

We all rely on our masks, to protect and to hide 

Frightened, embarrassed, to show what's inside 

But deep down a voice starts to debate

What the hell is wrong with your own fucking face 

Show the world you. You and all your scars

You don't needs the masks or the false laughter in bars

Stick two fingers up to anyone who feels you should hide

Open the floodgates, blow the walls open wide

But that small voice gets quieter, as you hear yourself say 

I wonder what mask, I'll wear today.



Time to Taken That Walk


When turning up to your nine to five

Is the only sign that your alive

When everything else is just a bore

And your only companion in radio four

It's time to take that walk

When your living to work instead of the other way round

With your nose to the grindstone and feet firmly on the ground

When your small pile of junk mail turns into a mound

It's time to take that walk

That walk away from everything you know

To try coming up with new ideas and watching them grow

Walk away from the life that you once had

reunite with the good and shy away from the bad.



Where Ale Is Sold 



In the place where jokes never get old 

And no one gets tired of the stories told 

Where irrational dramas tend to unfold 

Thats where you'll find me 

Where people happily exchange tit for tat 

Where uniforms and status really aren't all that 

And no one notices that the ale is flat 

Thats where you'll find me 

Where bloated beer guts are well fed 

And countless tears are countlessly shed 

Where drunken promises are drunkenly made 

Thats where you'll find me 

When red letters are an unwanted reality 

When you know you can't really cope with me 

When you want to pack my bags and set me free 

You'll know where to find me 

When things between us have turned so bland 

When everythings gone out of hand 

And you leave that note hoping I'll understand 

You'll know where to find me 

When all your world collapses around you 

And you've booze and tablets and still don't know what to do 

And solutions to be found all add up to nil 

I'll never let you find me


Back to the Bottle


Look in the mirror, tell me what do you see?

A pair of blood shot eyes staring at me

Asking, they're questioning, it's all in the gaze

Wanting to know why I've wasted my days

Tripping over bottles, stumbling over cans

Is this what I do with the destiny in my hands

Lack of ambition, leads to emotional exhaustion

And there's only one place to turn

So I'm going back to the bottle

The only mate that doesn't stab you in the back

But it's killing me slowly in a sneak attack

Stripping me of my wealth but I don't care about the cost

Destroying dignaty and braincells in an alcoholocaust

Walking through town people look at me with shame

I've only got my paranoia to blame

Their eyes are staring, asking again and again

Wondering why I'm going back there, to do it again.




The Bigger Picture


I was searching through the newspaper, tv, radio

Trying to find out what it is that I should really know

Looking for the knowledge but it doesn't come easily

I came face to face with the bigger picture but it walked away from me

Then I came across a priest who thrusted a book into my hand

He said in it contained secrets and truths that I'd never understand

So I flicked through the volume and the priest he shook with rage

When I told him all his secrets belonged to another age

He pointed his finger and screamed it was all carved in stone

And he was still shouting the odds when I left him on his own

Then I met a drunken man following and argument with his lass

He told me that all lifes answers lay in the bottom of his glass

He took me outside and he asked me for a light

And when I answered him in the negative he asked me for a fight

He compared drink with life and with both he had too much

And as I walked away he screamed that I had lost touch

And so I saw a policeman who was out walking on his beat

So I asked him why human nature was almost obsolete

I requested any knowledge that he had to share

He said he didn't know, and that he wasn't paid to care

He came across as someone who profited from sin

But when I probed further, he threatened to run me in

Then I met a politician who time forgot

And he told me destiny lay in a ballot box

When I suggested his political side was sort of a disguise

He turned away and said that everyone needs someone to despise

He seemed like a pantomime villain, forever in an act

And when he said what might have been the truth, I couldn't take it as a fact

So still I'm trying to discover what life really is

And wondering if the bigger picture really does exist

But faith and knowledge to me seems to be corrupted to the core

And I'm scared to think what'll happen if I start to seek some more

Cayn White - Punk Poet

Cayn White - Punk Poet

Cayn White - Punk Poet
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Masks by Cayn White - Punk Poet

Masks by Cayn White - Punk Poet

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Where ale is sold by Cayn White - Punk Poet

Where ale is sold by Cayn White - Punk Poet

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