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Paul MacDonald 

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Look at Me!


Parkinson's it seems has taken and eroded more of “myself” than I anticipated.

Having been the proud bearer of a winning smile the beast has taken several teeth and yet I am refusing 

to wear veneers lest I should choke on them. However given the blessing of time during the Covid lock down

I thought a little reinvention, parody and posing would be the perfect antidote to a diminishing self image

With only myself to talk to the invention of passing guests helped to wile away the hours. 

Paul Mac


Born 06/04/1963 Halifax


Artist and performer.

Foundation Arts. Percival Whitley College , Halifax.

Liverpool College of Fashion and Textiles 82-85

Nose to Nose clown training 98-2000

Fool Effect. Performer 2005-2010

Art and Parkinsons awareness exhibitions 2011-2017

Square Chapel, Station Gallery Todmorden. Halifax King Cross Library.

Legacy Arts, Copa Cafe, Drink? Salem Mills. 

Happy Valley Pride. Group and solo exhibitions 2017-2019 Nelsons

InterArts  2019 Arts Mill.Hebden Bridge.


Permanent exhibition . La Luna nel Pozzo. Ostuni, Italy

Publications. Illustrations for The Parkinsons UK quarterly 

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