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Keiron Higgins - Poet 


"I was diagnosed dyspraxic from the age of 5. The experience of living as they say on the spectrum, these days was a little daunting as I knew I was a bit different to others as I had a lot of imagination, but very reserved when I wanted to be. In school I excelled in English and was quite popular, but most other subjects I simply lurched through, as for a number of years I had difficulty with the most simple of tasks such as multiplication, balance and simple grasp of utensils. My imagination really showed I had an ability to draw cartoons due to my overenthusiastic imagination. To describe what was going on at the time inside in my head was like another world, I was very hesitant to let others in.


When I turned the age of 10 my father committed suicide. As for a number of years I had improved a lot with coping with the mechanisms this set me back a number of years as entering high school I became quite introverted. I had a small number of friends and was self conscious of how I looked. This continued on until the discovery of other creative fields after school, such as socialising with like minded people and included performing in a band, writing music and still drawing extensively.


In my late 20s I started writing poetry. This new world of writing to me opened a world to me, and my new found confidence from outside activities such as Djing and writing music. I found a way to express my humour, connect with people on a different level unbeknown to me with short snappy poems that include everything to family life, outlooks on world topics and my love of music. 


With my mental health awareness,  I have always suffered from depression due to my father's unfortunate demise and tried to do better for myself. I have always tried to keep myself creatively active to edge these feelings, such writing pieces on the importance of talking to others about how you feel and checking in on people."

Keiron Higgins 



I am 

3rd generation quarter 


With Irish blood

In the world I live in

I hope for more good

But we are surrounded

By constant



I hope for the day we end this situation

For all race religion and orientation.


As we are the nation

Controlled by old fashioned traditions

Although they have been transitions

Hatred still gets the last word

And I find that absurd

As from what I was taught

From my own simple basis

No one is born homophobic

Or racist.


Love may be 

A four letter word

But then again so is hate

They conflict, always up for debate 

Who wins in the end?

I think it's a trend 

That's it's decided in a draw

As people do not know how to be kind anymore.


So in this time of constant aural unrest

Educate yourself

Do your very best

As in my lifetime I wish to see

A world living together

In equality 


Keiron Higgins


United by fate

Stuck like glue

This is one is for

My close friends true


Whether it be our love of 



Or how we bare all 

in our poetic performing art

Ian Curtis claimed it was love

But only death will tear us apart


You are the smile on my face

The spring in my step

My thoughts with your company you do pep

Whenever I'm feeling lonely 

but Not alone

Cos as many of you know 

I always drunk message

And never telephone


We're like run DMC 

tougher than leather

 blessed with a bond that'll never sever

We'll grow to be unruly pensioners you see

So here's a poem when that day comes

From to you from me


so best believe 

We're gonna get thru this

Good times will come

So don't fret mon ami

Cos I'd hate when it's over 

how much you never did see

How much I love as you a friend



Keiron Higgins



Like a key without a lock

Or A clock that's lost it's tock

Like a sheep without no flock


This is how I perceive dyspraxia.


Like a road with no end

Like the letter you won't send

Ever had difficulty making a friend?


This is how I perceive dyspraxia.


Like a television with constant static

Overthink things and become erratic

But have an imagination as large as an attic


This is how I perceive dyspraxia.


Like the pen and utensils I still can't grip

The bike balance that makes me slip

I can write rhythmically about my faults while the pen ink does drip


This is how I perceive dyspraxia.


Keiron Higgins

Dyspraxia (Pro's and Cons)


Words hurt

Unable to read a situation


Clumsy as hell

Like this is the second time i've fell

When nothing is there



May seem

The only escape


Pen grip

Bikes slip

Will you ever master the art?


No organization

For the situation

Late as per usual


Sometimes sinking

With over thinking

Comes part of the parcel




Can draw

Do so much more 

As been creative is more my bag



Able to motivate

With all things I associate


Can show empathy more

If you want to pore

An emotion out to me


My imagination

Can help escape a situation

As it's better than memory


The cons may out-weigh the pros

But everyone knows

How to deal with dyspraxia in their own kinda way.

The life I lead may be faced with constant doubt

But when it's brought about

It's just another negative shade of mind.

Keiron Higgins 


'During the preparations for the show, 'Invisible Made Visible' we, like the rest of the world; were faced with Covid 19 and a global Pandemic. I asked some of our resident writers of the group to create work in response to this and their own situations. This show is ongoing and we are going to continue to document our time right now, living in this time. '

Fiona Love 

Founder of Inter-Arts Company, Curator and Creative Artist. 

Keyworker Crisis

How can I be told

To 'hashtag stay at home'

Cos 5 days outta 7

To the job I must roam


It's only 4 hours

But let me explain:

This job was less worrying

When people weren't cosplaying Bane!


The constant threats

Of multiplying sweats

And a cough and a splutter

Has got me feeling

Even more so like a nutter

It's not an easy thing to do

But try to do with no persistence

Is keep to that 2 metre distance


So when you clap for me

the NHS

And the rest of us on the keyworker frontlines

Just remember we are all

Constantly dodging this covid landmines


Wishing better times

When stuff wasn't so bad

When the world wasn't off limits

And a fun time was had.


Keiron Higgins


This Covid lockdown  

made people add more

love more

seek folk more

tell them

"when this is over, we should hang out"


As with everyone feeling so frantic

and Paris is considered no longer romantic

even the ones we hate

could be worth a date

as we slowly contemplate

parts of our lives

when hugs and kisses

weren't as dangerous as knives.


Keiron Higgins


As time passes

I really do wonder

Shall we remain 6 feet apart

Or six feet under?


Will we  really still care about those we did miss?

And will be  allowed again to give them a  hug and kiss? 

Will there be a mask on every face?

Will animals still disregard the human race?


Will we still fight among ourselves

In this pointless divide and rule

Will Boris Johnson still be considered a fool


Will we still have use

For apps like zoom

Will certain folk still be afraid of a crowded room


Will we ever go back to normality?

And will we see an end to this Facebook nomination banality

Will the NHS finally be awarded

For their preservation of our health

And will celebrities finally realise their wealth


As far as a lot of these questions go

A lot will obviously answered "no."

But I all I wanted to see

As when this is all over

Will  you  have missed me?

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