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Welcome to our Inter-Arts Festival page.  We are happy you have found us. Inter-Arts is an organisation that brings all the Creative Arts together. We work in a holistic way and create from authenticity and experience, in a safe space.  


Inter- Arts Festival Background 
Inter-Arts Festival was founded by Fiona Love Pattison and is a group of creative artists, who like to do things a little differently. It is also creative people we meet on our travels too and who connect with what we do.  We formed in Autumn 2016  at Artsmill, Hebden Bridge and we met up every first Wednesday of the month in Hebden Bridge and created 'Art Through Trauma' in 2018. 


Then in 2019 we did a #mentalhealthawareness festival in May and in August we did our Festival of Childhood. The covid pandemic happened in March 2020, so in May 2020, we did the whole Festival ' Invisible Made Visible' online including the performances via Facebook Live. 


Wellbeing and mental/physical/emotional and creative health awareness is part of our work and it is important to hold a safe space, and platform for people to create and enjoy sharing what they do.


In May 2023 we finally showed ' Invisible Made Visible' at Everybody Arts (formally known as Artworks) and it was really good to show our work after such a long period of not being able too.  This work was a reflection over 2019 - 2023; in 2019 we decided on the theme Invisible Made Visible and then in March 2020 the pandemic hit. It impacted all of us, in every way. Inter-Arts did delivered the Invisible Made Visible online. Our Hope, Faith, Belief theme came after and more work was shown at Invisible Made Visible / Hope Faith Belief - Everybody Arts ( Formally known as Artworks and shown in May 23' 

'Here at Inter-Arts Company, every festival is different, and brings a new energy and raises different subject matters, this is a good time to come together. A time to pause and reflect on where we have been and where we are now. ‘ Founder  of Inter-Arts Festival- Fiona Love Pattison

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