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Welcome to our Inter-Arts Festival page.  We are happy you have found us. Inter-Arts is an organisation that brings all the Creative Arts together. We work in a holistic way and create from authenticity and experience, in a safe space.  


We have classes, events and festivals throughout the year. If you would like to know more please email us on


Inter-Arts Artists are currently working on our on-going 'Invisible Made Visible'  this work is growing and we have included work created over lockdown. 


I always decide the idea for what we are doing way ahead, so artists can start working on the project. So the idea, for 'Invisible Made Visible' was already grounded and in place before Covid happened. Invisible Made Visible was meant to be physically shown in August 2020 but ofcourse lockdown was in place so this couldn't happen. Inter-Arts did a series of events over Lockdown Online,  and we showcased some of the work,  but there is so much more to show and reveal. 


We are showing 'Invisible Made Visible' at  Artworks, Halifax in May 2023. Please follow our Inter-Arts Facebook Page for Events coming soon. 

Fiona Love Pattison (Founder of Inter-Arts Company) 

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