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Victoria Shone - Colour, Style and You

Victoria Shone is an artist who knows her own mind, and isn't scared to take risks and go out of her comfort zone. Choosing her female friends and family as inspiration for her artistic creations, Victoria draws a vibrant world that a 2021 audience deserves.

We need lots of colour in our lives right now, and she certainly knows how to use it. Her work has messages behind them that are powerful, humorous and sometimes, makes you just stand still and look into the art. I know this artist has only just begun saying what she really has to say, and there is so much more to follow.

You will never be bored with Victoria because she loves to create and reach the people she cares about, and that is a very special gift to have. Thank You to Catherine Leadmill from Artsmill for bringing Victoria into our lovely creative family. We all need little bit of Victoria Shone in our homes. Fiona Love, Founder of Inter-Arts

Describe your creative background ?

Throughout my life I have worked in various mediums, but for the last few years it has been either paint or ink for me. Although I've always engaged in creative activities, this was for many years alongside another career, it has only been during the last 7 years that I have worked as an artist full time.

When did you first start drawing, and are you self taught?

As I child I was very introverted and not really a mixer, if I'm totally honest then not much has changed, I have always been most happy in my own space, simply drawing. So I guess you could say I'm self-taught to a certain degree, but I did pursue my Arts Education, with a Degree in Fine Art.

Image by Nic Chapman in Lockdown

What and who inspires you?

I love to draw and find it is the most effective way for me to communicate with the world my observations on life; hopes, dreams, regrets and reflection. I am inspired by everything around me, but often it is a thing someone says, or perhaps an outfit they are wearing. My work is very text centric and therefore the words as just as important to me as the images I create.

Who is your muse?

This is difficult to answer as I have so many muses, more recently it has been my wife, sister and close friends who have really ignited my desire to capture them. I think this comes from the lockdown situation we are in, both the intense time spent with my wife at home and the absence of other key people who live in my heart. More generally, it is a person's heart and the kindness they exude that ultimately makes me feel the flash of inspiration strike, that along with a wicked dry humour, I'm a sucker for something that makes me laugh. Do you have favourite colours that you like to create in?

All colour! I couldn't possibly choose, the more colour and the more they fight against each other in powerful combinations, the better for me. I like the colours I choose to use, to not only have a conversation together, but a good old row, a riot of colour and expression.

What are you working on at the moment?

My message has always been one of empowerment: know who you are, be confident in who you are and celebrate what others are too and it is in this vein that my latest project is starting to take shape. As I mentioned before, the missing of key people who live in my heart has been really inspiring to me during lockdown. I like the idea of celebrating the women in my life who are beautifully, uniquely themselves and I am working on a collection of drawings which celebrate them. First up was my friend Jill who radiates confidence and wisdom. A beautiful soul who was an absolute joy to capture and there are more on the way, all of the woman who inspire me will feature in this collection. Who is your favourite female artist?

Again, a tricky one as there are so many, but to name a few: Cornilia Parker, Niki de Saint Phalle, Paula Rego, Yoko Ono and Ashley Longshore. All of these artists continually push the boundaries with intelligent, powerful work that both excites and inspires me. What is the first thing you are going to do when we come out of lockdown?

The thing I most look forward to is spending time with my family and friends, in just about any way I can!

This interview is part of the Inter-Arts Festival #celebratingwomeneverywhere series connected to the Month of March and #iwd

Victoria Shone is part of Inter-Arts ongoing show 'Invisible Made Visible' please see her work

For more of Victoria Shone's work go to:



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