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Inter-Arts Festival of Childhood

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

This August Inter-Arts presents ‘The Festival of Childhood’ at Artsmill. The preview is on the Sunday 4th of August at 2pm - 4pm and it runs till Sunday 18th of August. Throughout the festival we have an art and word exhibition, installations, workshops, talks, film and performances.

Inter-Arts successfully delivered ‘Art through Trauma’ last August and we also created a series of work, an exhibition of Art and Words, Meditation with John Siddique and Performances over Mental Health Week in May to raise awareness. We will be creating something very special for 2020 over Mental Health Week at Artsmill plus another Inter-Arts Festival next August.

Founder of Inter-Arts, Fiona Pattison says “I teach a Inter-Arts class every first Wednesday of the month bringing creative people together at The Art School in Artsmill, Hebden Bridge. I work very closely with artists and creatives in my job and I love supporting them and seeing their work grow. Inter-Arts is an organisation that supports creative artists and their practise. Every year we deliver a few festivals at Artsmill, this August we have chosen Childhood as our theme. This topic is particularly poignant as i think we are all children and although our responsibilities change, the child in us is still very present. To ignore your inner child is to ignore yourself. This August we have some outstanding Artists who have produced amazing work for the festival, including; Skye Shadowlight, Keiron Higgins, Vanessa Guy, Victoria Shone, Cayn White, Alice Measom, Microphone Jack, Priscilla Jones, Fiona Love, Socks Blakely, Elaine Hook, Bethany Weaves, Paul MacDonald, Wayne, Eileen Wright, Isaac Hughes Dennis, Dawn Bland and more....

The Inter-Arts Festival of Childhood explores play, imagination, nostalgia, dreams, hopes, sadness, loss, neglect, the environment, nature, beauty, dreams and much more... we look forward to you coming and getting involved. “ Fiona



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