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Inter-Arts is an organisation set up by founder, Fiona Pattison to bring together people from different creative or non creative backgrounds,  to help support, encourage and nurture the creative spirit in meeting once a month at Artsmill, to share work, talk through any creative problems and bring about positive solutions. The Class is run by Creative Arts Practitioner, Fiona Pattison who takes a holistic approach to teaching and often starts the classes in a group meditation and breathing exercises, then moving in to some creative warm ups.  The classes help with confidence building, creative blockages, support, mentoring and working on your individual practise. Bethany Weaves one of the students said:


 "Before coming to the Inter-Arts classes I would never introduce myself as an artist or a writer to others. Working with Fiona has helped me grow as a creative individual tremendously. I don't doubt now that I am an artist, or, a writer, or even a performer. I had in fact forgotten about how much I loved to perform, or that I could even perform. The way that Fiona teaches is very subtle. It's quite magical really. You see, the practices she chooses to use in class allow for self-discovery to take place, nothing is forced; therefore, gifts that were not known about within the self begin to arise. The space that Fiona has created has allowed for my authentic expression, and within that safe space, a trust and a confidence in my expression has emerged. It's truly a very special class." Bethany Weaves


Our first showcase of work, 'Art Through Trauma'  was  featured at our first Inter-Arts Festival that happened on Sunday 13th of August 2018  at Artsmill, Linden Road, Hebden Bridge. The Inter-Arts Festival ran from Monday 13th of August - Sunday 19th of August. Throughout the Inter-Arts Festival there was Art Exhibitions, Installations, Talks and Live Performances. We are gathering up all of our content, so you can preview our festival on our blog. We are touring parts of the festival throughout 2019 and we will share our journey with you on our blog. Thank You. 


           "The Festival focuses on 'Art through Trauma' this has been an organic process throughout the sessions in class and has been the core theme that has pulled all the work together. " Fiona Pattison 



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