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Fiona Love

Art Director

Fiona Love Pattison is an Creative Arts practitioner with a passion for the arts and supporting others in their own practise. She teaches, mentors and helps promote and provide a platform for creatives. She is a creative artist herself and understands how important support and space are crucial for an artist to grow. 

Fiona founded and curated,  Inter-Arts Festival bringing creatives and their work together, and it will run every August at Artsmill, Hebden Bridge. She trained in Theatre, live arts, performance and writing, and she is a songwriter and loves singing. Fiona teaches the inter-arts class every first Wednesday of the month at The Art School, Artsmill, Hebden Bridge. 


She curated the festival and decided to build this first one around Art through Trauma as a lot of her student's work linked back there. After the festival, she is planning a tour to take the art work and performance pieces out to other venues and places. 

"It is really important that we go on a road trip and take the Inter-Arts Festival for others to see. Art through trauma has really helped open out a lot of the students to release and produce really strong impactful work. We are all survivors in someting, that is our common ground along with being creative. This process  has been empowering, liberating and emotional, releasing what no longer serves us is a very brave thing to do, but it must be done in order to survive. As a Creative artist it is important to understand the things we experience in life and express ourselves within it. You can't live your whole life in fear, it needs to be released.

David Rushbatch


Education : St Martin's College , UK


David was one of the youngest ever exhibitors at the National Design Museum, and his work for at the Venice Bienniale in 2009 led to critical and commercial acclaim.

Showing images alongside Julian Opie and Gerald Laing,  in aid of Feminism in London at the Aubin Gallery, London. The work garnered large public exposure after being published in the GUARDIAN newspaper, resulting in controversy and physical threats.


He's exhibited with Sir Peter Blake, Tracey Emin, Damien Hirst, David Hockney, Banksy, Julian Opie, Eduardo Paolozzi.


He has also collaborated with HOWARD MARKS, "the most sophisticated drugs baron of all time" (DAILY MAIL), culminating in an exhibition of paintings and a published book based on Howard's colourful life. Howard kindly signed and fingerprinted each painting.


Collected, endorsed and supported by Norman Cook (Fatboy slim), MAxi Jazz (Faithless), Tom Daley (diving world champion).


The artist's work is found in numerous private collections across Europe and the UK..

Skye Shadowlight


"One day I woke up and wiped the sleep from my eyes. I realised that I had been an artist all along.


I was conceived in a trailer house in LaPorte Texas. That’s only the beginning of my story. I left home at thirteen to find a better life, somewhere that I belonged. I hitchhiked and hopped freight trains from city to city and travelled all over the world trying to escape from my past and find my place in life.


I wandered through life feeling completely misunderstood until I found art. I can finally share myself with others by exposing humanity through my work and making connections in a world that I once found harsh and closed off to me. 


I am an artist. I guess I always was an artist, I just didn’t really understand it. It was only later, when I stopped living in squats and hopping trains around America; when I stopped moving and running away like I had been since 13, that I could see my true nature and that my life had always been art. Art means many things to many people. To me, it is life; an opportunity to share and connect with the world in a way that I never could before. It is my communication tool and a way for me to make sense of who I am. 

One day, while on a local art course I found objects. A way to tell stories like on a movie screen. Like the David Lynch films I obsessively watched as a teen, everything having purpose and meaning. It was then and there that I decided to build my stories and to tell my stories in a new way in large scale installations from found objects. 

Over time this began to overflow. The stories could no longer be contained in such a way. I began to take some of my objects into public and interact with people and the world through my work. This later evolved into live performance and video work, however my true connection is still with the installation and the objects that I create. Some of these objects are now becoming props in my film work. Everything is always changing, forever. "

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