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Inter-Arts History 

Founder - Fiona Love 













In August 2018 we did our very first Inter-Arts Festival 'Art Through Trauma' at Artsmill, Hebden Bridge and the feedback was amazing. Our resident Artists raised awareness on many taboo subjects from ptsd, sexual and domestic abuse, grief, suicide, schizophrenia, and brain trauma,  in the form of performance, spoken word, art, workshops and talks. 




In May 2019 we put on our second Inter-Arts Festival to raise awareness on Mental Health and we had organisations like the Arts Council and Healthy Minds come to visit and show appreciation of our work and what we are doing. We had an Art and Word Exhibition, Talks, Meditation and Performances with our Resident Artists. 




In August 2019, we did our 'Festival of Childhood'  at Artsmill, highlighting the many ways a person remembers and reframes their experiences, from nostalgia, power of play to happiness and trauma. Throughout the festival we had an Art and Word Exhibition, Installations, Workshops, Performances, Films and Talks. 

(c) artwork by David Rusbatch 
(c) artwork by David Rusbatch 

Art Through Trauma 

Inter-Arts - Mental Health Awareness Week 

Inter-Arts Presents

The Kittie Kat Club International Women's Day 

Inter-Arts Presents 

Festival of Childhood 

(c) artwork by Victoria Shone 

International Women's Day/Eve  - Sunday 8th of March 2020

Inter-Arts Presents  ‘The Kittie Kat Club at The Trades Club celebrating female artists everywhere on International Women’s Day.


Fiona Love hosted this event. We had an amazing line up of talent, from spoken word artist, Izzy Brittain,  Multi talented Skye Shadowlight, Punk Poet from Keighley Town, Bernie-the-Bolt, Songstress, Georgina Hardcastle Local lasses, Eileen Wright and Henrietta Bond and the magnificent, Birds and Beasts who sang about the animal kingdom that related to the human world.

Thank you to the beautiful ‘Victoria Shone’ for her amazing artwork.

Inter-Arts 2018